TEDxUoA’s mission is to kindle curiosity and action in students by providing a platform for them to present their ideas and to expose them to motivational, inspiring and thought provoking speakers from different walks of life. With the involvement of TEDxUoA, students will be able to share and develop ideas; not only for their personal growth, but also to contribute to the advancement of knowledge and ideas in New Zealand.




Our theme for 2017 was Whakapapa, a key identifying Maori concept which flows into the origins of nature, culture and even yourself.

Our inaugaral event took place on Saturday the 7th, October 2017, with a total of 11 very talented acts: 8 speakers and 3 performers. We were joined by 100 intellectual explorers, who listened and engaged, but also took part in numerous interactive activities during the breaks such as AR & VR stalls and art exhibitions.

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TEDxUoA 2018

Plans are now underway for our 2018 conference which will be held on 29 September 2018. The theme for this year is "Now What?". In this day and age, the world has made enormous progress in terms of science, technology, business, arts and human rights. With all these incredible changes, we want people to take a breath, pause, and think - now what? What can we do with all these innovations? How can we use technology to improve our society and our planet for future generations to come? What are the potential issues and dangers surrounding these ideas?
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