TED Circles: Life at its Fullest

Life at its Fullest


Last month, we held our very first TED Circle event and we were absolutely blown away by the engagement and conversations we saw! This month we came back with our second TED Circle event. We created great connections and explored even more meaningful conversations with you all.

The theme of this TED Circle was ‘Life at its Fullest’. At times, life can be filled with uncertainty and ambiguity, and feelings of emptiness may arise from a lack of excitement or purpose. Now, more than ever, we need ways to cope and fight against these feelings, to regain a sense of meaning and make connections that result in a more purposeful life. Consider what influences your happiness - is it a sense of belonging? Or is it leading a life of love? This varies from person to person but think about it - what does living life to the fullest mean to you?


TED Circles are events where small groups get together to talk big. Circles watch and discuss a TED Talk (either pre-recorded or with live speakers), their outlooks are then shared in small discussion rooms. This provides a great opportunity to learn new perspectives, meet new people, and create connections in the wider community. Speakers can also get involved in the discussions, which provides a space to interact on a more person-to-person level and gain more insight.