Our Team

Our team took on the task of bringing TEDx to the University of Auckland to initiate dialogue on issues that affect our community. We believe that revolutionary ideas have the power to shape our minds by challenging existing notions. But often these ideas go unheard, because they lack a platform that gives them a voice; we want TEDxUoA to be that platform.


Andrew Wei


I'm currently in my penultimate year of study for civil engineering and business. I joined TEDxUoA because I loved the atmosphere of TED talks and would like for UoA students to be given the chance to experience it!

Anne Pan


Hi I’m Anne, currently in my fourth year of a BSc/BMus conjoint, majoring in Psychology and Musicology/Music Education. I joined TEDxUoA because I am passionate about the sharing and development of new ideas and absolutely love working with people to empower and inspire others.

Madhu Guthpe


I'm Madhu and I study a BCom majoring in Economics and Finance. I joined Tedx last year as Events Manager to be a part of the student chapter of this amazing organization and make tedx events more affordable for students. Ted talks are by far one of my favourite pastimes but alongside that I enjoy volunteering, participating in case competitions and not-for-profit consulting.

Ivan So


I’m in my fourth year doing a conjoint BSc/BCom degree, majoring in Pharmacology, Information Systems and Operations and Supply Chain Management. I’ve always found TED talks really interesting and a great way of learning something new. So I joined TEDxUoA because it gives me an opportunity to learn something and also bring talks to the University.


Rak Natesh

Events Lead

Hi guys, my name is Rak. I am studing Civil engineering. I enjoy travelling and playing football . I joined TEDxUoA to help create events where passionate people are provided a platform to share ideas which challenge the norms

Jessica Liu

Events Team Member

I'm currently in my penultimate year doing a BHSc/BCom majoring in International Business, Commercial Law and Population Health. I joined TEDxUoA because I love to watch TED talks whenever I need some inspiration and I'm excited to be part of the teaming bringing TED to UoA!

Lisa Zhang

Events Team Member

Hi I’m Lisa, in my third year of Biomedical Science and a lover of origami, doodling and post-it notes. I joined TEDxUoA because I want to help spread the wonder and inspiration TED talks have brought me to all of you!

Anshaal Shane Kumar

Events Team Member

Hi I'm Shane currently in my 5th year studying a BCom / BE(Hons) conjoint majoring in Accounting, Finance, and Civil Engineering. I joined TedxUoA because Ted talks have inspired me a lot in the past, and they area a good way to spread ideas in the form of a short powerful talk.


Nicole Tan

Marketing Lead

I'm a third year student doing a LLB/BCom conjoint, majoring in Economics and Marketing. I am excited to bring TED talks to life on campus this year! I love watching TED talks and reading books in my spare time.

Meghna Purang

Marketing Team Member

I'm in my third year doing a BSc in Computer Science. I've always enjoyed learning new ideas and bringing people together. I love watching TED talks so being able to replicate the TED experience here really made me want to join this team.

Zhelin Wang

Marketing Team Member

I’m currently in my first year of University doing a Bachelor of Commerce- hoping to major in Marketing and Commercial Law. I joined TedxUoA as I have always loved the inspiring story telling of the speakers in Tedx and am super excited to be able to help make it happen at UoA!

Vanessa Ciputra

Marketing Team Member

I'm in my 3rd year of my degree doing Software Engineering. I'm a huge advocate for inspiration, and coupled with my passion for marketing, I joined TEDxUoA to help organise and be part of the most spectacular event of the year! I love designing, gaming and eating out - you can catch me at basically any bubble tea joint in town (if you need any recommendations, hit me up!) 🙂 This year at TEDxUoA is going to be a blast - make sure you're there for it!


Janet Guan

Sponsorship Lead

I'm currently in my final year doing a BA/BCom majoring in Marketing, Commercial Law and FTVMS. I joined TEDxUoA because I love TED talks and I'm excited to bring TED to UoA again this year!

Maryam Tariq

Sponsorship Team Member

I’m in my third year of uni doing a BCom majoring in Information systems and Management. I joined TEDxUoA because I wanted my final year to involve an undertaking I was passionate about- and helping organise TEDxUoA definitely ticks the box!

Flora Wu

Sponsorship Team Member

I am Flora, I am currently in my third year studying psychology and anthropology. As part of the TEDx sponsorship team, I aim to make TEDx more accessible to students at The University of Auckland and do my part to make TEDx a more engaging and meaningful event!

Daniel Blair

Sponsorship Team Member

Hi I’m Daniel! I’m studying a BCOM/BSc majoring in Economics, Finance & Statistics. I also enjoy cricket, investing and playing the drums/piano. I joined TEDxUoA because I’m passionate about challenging our assumptions and developing as a society through the sharing of important ideas.


Eugena Au

Education Lead

I'm a final year Engineering student specialising in Mechatronics. I joined TedxUoa because I really enjoy watching TED talks and hope that we'll be able to inspire and spread ideas to others at UoA!

Nicholas Kondal

Education Team Member

I'm in my third year studying Biomedical Engineering and Physics. I joined TEDxUoA because I love how TED Talks empower anyone to share their stories and be appreciated by millions of people around the world, which is why I'm excited to bring TEDx and an amazing line-up of speakers to the University!

Mariyah Shahrin

Education Team Member

I’m currently in my first year of a BA majoring in Psychology and Criminology. I joined TedxUOA because I never got the chance to join a Tedx program back home in Malaysia and thought it’d be a good time to do it now in Auckland. I also think Ted talks are a great way to broaden your knowledge on things so why not try to be a part of it, right?

Taruki Gunawardana

Education Team Member

I'm currently in my fourth year doing a BEng/BA majoring in Civil Engineering and French. I joined TEDxUoA because I wanted to get more involved in a leadership position, learn heaps and meet some awesome people!

Kartikey Vyas

Education Team Member

I’m in my fourth year of Engineering Science and Commerce, majoring in Economics and Finance. I’m passionate about solving problems and TED talks are great ways to spread ideas that can affect the way we approach these issues.